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Actor In Law: a cracker of a film

September 12, 2016
Actor In Law: a cracker of a film
Actor in Law

Actor in Law


Making  the whole  effort  “a   worth  it” one  of  the  most  anticipated movie  of  the  year,  Actor-In-Law  recently held its premiere  in  Karachi  which  was  a   star  studded  affair  with  celebrities including Humayun Saeed, and Atif Aslam.
My  excitement had  already  kicked  in  as  soon as  I made  it  to the  premiere  but  it  was  quite  a put  off  when  we  had  to  skip  the very beginning of the movie and wait for around 30 minutes as  there was a bit  of  a  mismanagement  due  to the  short number of  seats  arranged  for the audience. It’s  a  piece of advice  to the concerned  authorities  to give  away  tickets  according to the  number of seats, otherwise in  future also  problems  like  this will  be surfacing. Though  we  made it  there  still  it  was  a letdown to see  people standing and  waiting  to  get   in  the theatre  anxiously.
The  story  revolves  around Shan  Mirza (Fahad Mustufa) who aspires to be  an actor but  things  turn  over  dramatically  and  he ends  up becoming famous  as  a lawyer  out  of  the  blue.




The  movie  showcases  top  notch  performers  such as  Rafaqat Mirza(Om Puri)  impersonating as  Fahad Mustufa’s  father  who himself  is  a  lawyer  in  the  flick  and  with the  very  charming  Meenue Screwvala(Mehwish Hayat) as the  leading  lady.
Mehwish  portrays the  character  of an ambitious journalist who  takes a bold  stand  for  women  who step out  of  their  houses and  are  either verbally harassed  or are  fixedly  gawked by  men.
Mehwish Hayat  is  depicted  as  a Parsi  in  the  movie  which  is  a good  move for sure as the filmmakers brought  this minority under the spotlight as well.

The  story  further  shapes  off  as  Fahad  and  Mehwish’s  characters  interact  with  each other and  then  get  smitten off for each other’s charm.
Ally  khan  shows us his  negative side in the movie who in  envies  to  Shan Mirza’s (Fahad Mustafa)  rising  fan  following  ends  up exposing  him  as  a  fake   lawyer.
Things  take a mighty  blow for the much  celebrated  Shan Mirza (Fahad Mustafa)  when  his  father comes  across  his  fake  impersonation  and  thus  the  movie  falls into  another  chapter  but  concludes  as a happy ending  for  the audiences  who surely  wont  regret  giving  away their  time  to the  flick.
Actor In Law concludes  with a  happy   ending   when  Shan (Fahad)  proposes  to Mehwish and  she makes a  point of   her  being  non-muslim “Lekin mai tou musalman nahi mujh se shadi kese karoge?
on which Shan reminded her that Quaid-e-Azam ne bhi tou Parsi se shadi ki thi’ (Quaid e Azam also married a Parsi women).
Not  just that this the  movie  also  stresses  onto  few  incidents  and  aspects  one can easily relate to  such  as  women  harassment, and  the power our  media holds  today to  lift  or  dethrone a  person  over  a  matter of time,   the  ongoing   power  outages or  the  much talked-about super  model Ayaan  Ali’s money  laundering  case. It touches your heart and questions you and raises the very serious issues of the whole system in a very light manner.

I  could   only   sum it up  as  a  huge  applause , “kudos”  to the  colorful  depiction,  melodious  songs  such  as  dil ye dancer  hogaya by  Atif Aslam  and another  melodic number Khudaya by  Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Some  very   witty  yet  humorous jests   such  as  the very  infamous words “bright  karain isay aur bright karain”   by  Ayesha Sana and  and some really hysterical takes on our politicians such as the one on Qaim Ali Shah, and the mock-up on the phone calls from Rabita Commitee upon which the whole theatre came alive with applause and giggles

The power  packed   performances   of  the lead  actors surely added  more  zing to the AIL especially Fahad Mustufa  who  is  truly  a power  house  of  talent  the next  super Star in the industry.
P.S. : Looking forward  to more of such movies.
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