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Three love stories to be shown in Ramzan

SAMAA | - Posted: Sep 17, 2016 | Last Updated: 3 years ago
Posted: Sep 17, 2016 | Last Updated: 3 years ago
Three love stories to be shown in Ramzan


RIYADH: Three serials, one of them a love story between a couple belonging to Shia and Sunni tribes will be aired on Saudi TV or Abdu Dhabi Channel during the holy month of Ramadan, Arab Media reported.

Writer and TV host Dr. Mohsin Shaikh Al-Hassan told Arab News he has written three love stories to be serialized during Ramadan.

“These stories will be published under a common title, ‘Love Stories from Saudi Arabia,’ although they will have separate subtitles,” he said. He said that the stories are set in various regions of the Saudi Kingdom and will have 20 episodes each with love as the underlying theme.

One of these is the “Endless Love” which is set in Dammam in the Eastern Province and chronicles the love story between Qassim and Sarah who respectively belong to the Shiite and Sunni tribes.

He said the aim of this TV series is to break the barrier between people belonging to the two tribes and let love and goodwill prevail. The second story is titled “Legendary Love Story,” with Hail as backdrop.

“The story is a legend involving the Aja and Salma mountains in the region. It chronicles the love story of Aja and Salma,” Al Hasan said. Aja was good-looking while Salma was gorgeous and beautiful. They fell in love with each other. Aja wanted to ask for the hand of Salma in marriage but both her parents had died.

However, she had five bad brothers who did not agree that Aja could marry their sister. Through her maid, Ouja, Salma sent a letter to Aja telling him not to listen to her brothers. She also suggested that he wait for her close to the mountain near his place. Aja did not agree because he was afraid, saying that it was dangerous, but Salma insisted.

Someone told the brothers regarding Salma’s whereabouts and they looked for her. They found Aja and Salma in a cave.
First they removed Salma’s eyes, killed her and hanged her in a mountain in the south. Then they killed Aja and hanged him in a mountain in the north.

“That’s how the two mountains in the southern and northern parts of Hail were named Aja and Salma,” Al Hassan said.

The third story, titled “A Father with Eight Daughters” has Asir as its setting. The wife dies, leaving her husband, Kowther, with eight daughters in Al-Namass.

Kowther tells his eight daughters that he’d look for husbands for each of them. A nice young man named Ahmed, who was from Tanoma, told Kowther that he wanted to marry one of his daughters. After realizing that Ahmed was a good man, he agreed to let Ahmed marry his oldest daughter Sarah. On the day of the wedding, Samia, second oldest daughter, finds Sarah dead.

She asked her father to stop the car, and finding that Sarah had mysteriously died, he asks Samia to wear the wedding dress and marry Ahmed.

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