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EXCLUSIVE: Cherish EID with your favourite stars

SAMAA | - Posted: Jul 5, 2016 | Last Updated: 4 years ago
Posted: Jul 5, 2016 | Last Updated: 4 years ago
EXCLUSIVE: Cherish EID with your favourite stars

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Eid-ul-Fitr/Choti Eid is just around the corner, bringing along joy and happiness Muslims look forward to as a celebration after spending a month of fasting in Ramzan. Social gatherings, Eid Milan parties, and other hullah-gullah is part and parcel of Meethi Eid.

Many Pakistanis love to watch special eid programmes on TV. However, we are left to wonder what our showbiz celebs do off-screen on this special day. On television, they seem to be enjoying the day to its fullest but to know the real ‘them’, Samaa TV chatted exclusively with some of Pakistan’s A-list celebrities.


yasir H

Who can forget Karachi Sey Lahore star-Moti, who didn’t only make the road trip enjoyable for his friends, his witty replies tickled the funny bone of the film’s viewers as well. Yasir Hussain, like every year, would follow the same routine. “No special plans. I will get up at the crack of the dawn, offer prayers and will go to meet my married sisters.” According to him, Eid is all about giving a fair chance to our traditional tailors. “I have given my tailor this task to prepare a fancy yet decent Shalwar Kurta for me.” Stating about his must-wear on the day, Yasir said he is looking to buy a snazzy wrist watch for himself. Reminiscing his childhood, he said, “Eid in those days and Eid now is really different because then my parents were alive and they used to make three or four outfits for me. Getting Eidi first used to be the highlight of my day.” Over the years, Eid customs have turned over a new leaf for him. But the one thing that remains constant is the joy of the food. “Eating desserts-Sivaiyaan and Sheer Khurma-is something I never miss.”





The much acclaimed Shaukat from drama serial “Digest Writer” aka Gohar Rasheed revealed that Eid day for him starts with Eid prayers. He said he focuses on spending quality time with his family and friends as he seldom gets a chance to do because of his busy schedule. Talking about his go-to fashion statement object for the day, he said “I try to go for something which is comfortable. Since Kurta Shalwar is our national dress, and according to the weather and the occasion, I think there is no better option than donning a Kurta of a nice, cool colour.” Eid is incomplete without family get-togethers; Gohar simply loves attending Eid breakfast at his Nani’s place. He drools over Sivaiyaan made by his aunts. He also shared his childhood memory and said, “We used to visit our Khala’s place where all of us cousins could gather, play and enjoy like anything.” He added, “Eid is a festival for all and I strictly condemn the idea of restricting Eid-ul-Fitr for women. Let us not pollute this occasion with gender biases.”


sanam B


With the holy month of Ramzan drawing to its end, the spirit of Eid celebration is thickening the air. Famous presenter Sanam Baloch is longing to unwind on the day after spending a hectic month. “I will give time to myself and my family this Eid because it feels great meeting up people after so long.” Eid-ul-Fitr is famous for its different clothing and fancy traditions and Sanam’s Eid is incomplete without matching Chooriyaan. “I can’t do without them at all. In fact, my outfit is incomplete without them.” Walking down the memory lane, Sanam recalled, “Every year I used to be super excited for getting Eidi and then spending the entire sum on buying fizzy drinks. Ah! They tasted so good.” (Laughs) This humble star is not keen for wearing designer labels this year because, according to her, celebrities get to wear it quite often. “I prefer to keep my wardrobe simple and get my clothes stitched from my tailor.”





That fresh and happy face that we see taking us with her to travel and explore the globe, or sometimes rolling the juke box to entertain her viewers—Yes, you got it right!—the charming Anoushey shared her plans for Eid with us. To escape the ever-humid weather in Karachi, our VJ is planning to travel this Eid. “I will visit my family living in the northern areas.” Though she loves to wear her statement black-buttoned shirt due to its spot-on trendy style, this time around, Anoushey is aiming to carry a cultural look. “Designer lawn has taken the market up with a storm. Therefore, I will definitely lay my hands on Teena Durrani’s luxurious lawn suits.” Eid is the time when one wants to make the most of it with his or her family so does the brilliant Anoushey. “Sheerkhurma will satisfy my craving for dessert like every year. I can’t afford to miss it!” (laughs). She also shared her childhood Eid shenanigans with us. “My uncle would ask all kids to kiss his feet. Whoever did it well would get the most Eidi. And I used to win that competition.” (laughs)



The handsome hunk, Agha Ali, has no particular plans for Eid. However, he does want to spend most of his time with his family. Agha Ali does not just have a good face but a good heart too. “I like to donate my things as much as I can. Therefore, I am not into branded stuff at all. Plain Kurta Shalwar has always been my first choice.” Dessert being the main part of the festival, our star says, “I have taken special permission from my trainer to eat Sivaiyaan because the way my mother and sister make it is completely out of this world. I can hardly resist!” Agha Ali strongly supports the idea that Eid is for everyone and said, “Most what a man can do on this day is get his Kurta and pair it with matching slippers. With women, we are allowed on one option, however, and that is to pay for their shopping so we can return home safely.” (laughs)



Girls do a lot of preparations for Eid-ul-fitr. Likewise, the ravishing model of Pakistan’s showbiz industry, Tooba feels that Eid has no meaning without Henna application. “I would like to get some Mehndi on my daughters’ hands.” Well the lady has made up her mind to make heads turn by donning a beautiful Shalwar Kameez with matching SOMA Khussas. Sharing her childhood Eid memories, she makes a note that “Eid is the time to dedicate to your family. When I was a kid, all of us cousins would get up early, hoping to give our best so that we get more Eidi from our elders.”



Jack of all trades-Ahmed Ali Butt has no different plans for Eid than others. Family and loved ones are priority for him on this special occasion. Being a family-oriented person, he tries his best to celebrate all colors and rituals with them. “It is family-time for me. We meet, greet and eat together.” Butt talks about his Eid selection and makes sure that a cool-colored waistcoat remains a must with a decent Shalwar Kurta to go with it. “I am surely going to pick Rici Melion statement wardrobe for myself.” In his opinion, eid is more of a female-centric occasion. “I think both Eids are more for women’s fashion; men do the basic work, and women do most of the hosting and preparation.”



The mixture of many talents, Tipu Yorguc is a humanitarian at heart. He believes in spending and spreading happiness to others on occasions like Eid and this year again, he has no high aims of buying branded clothes for himself but donate the most to the underprivileged. For himself, he has opted for “something in which [he would] feel comfortable,” and which is stylish as well. Out of so many traditions to take care of on Eid, Tipu never misses visiting his Phupo for a good chat and some yummy Sheer Khurma. Getting nostalgic about how he would spend Eid as a child, Yougruc said, “I used to rush to my favourite bakery to buy some delicious baked goods with the first Eidi I would get.”

Well, that’s all for now… Have a happy Eid!

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