Pakistani movie ‘Whistle’ trailer released

January 28, 2016

ISLAMABAD: The trailer of action thriller ‘Whistle’ - a film based on nationalism featuring a story that has never been portrayed before - was launched here with the theme "Time to Wake up".

The film has been produced by Mian Mohammad Yasin and directed by Ammad Azhar while the story has been written by Shafaq Ammad and script by Mirza Naeem Baig and Ammad Azhar.

"Whistle focuses on the main issue of drug trafficking and how our prestigious institutions are dealing with this problem," said film director Ammad Azhar.

He said it was the national duty of each Pakistani to put in efforts for combating this issue. "We are making this film to show the damages this problem is causing to our youth and also how our organizations are working to counter its effects," he added.

The makers of the film viewed it was need of hour to invest in such projects for creating awareness among the youth about the dangers of drugs addiction and trafficking.

This film will portray a positive image of Pakistan, especially highlight its efforts in combating drug trafficking within the region.

It is the first film being made in Islamabad.

Farhan Ally Agha, who has a vast experience of working in television plays and films, is playing the lead role in the movie.

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