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Musician Nashad’s anniversary today

January 3 , 2012
Musician Nashad’s anniversary today

Staff ReportKARACHI: Great composer and a musician of highest cadre Nashad is being remembered on his death anniversary today (Tuesday).He was born in Delhi, India, in 1923. He moved to Bombay. He made his music debut in 1947 in the film ‘Dildaar’. In 1949, he put his name as Shaukat Husain Haideri and composed songs for film ‘Dada’. In 1953, film director, Nakshab , changed Shaukat Ali’s name to Nashad. This name accompanied him for the rest of his life. Nashad composed for his 1953 movie ‘Naghma’. Nashad’s last film in India as a music composer was the 1962 film ‘Flying man’. He migrated to Pakistan and debuted in Pakistan as a composer in the 1964 film ‘Maikhana’. He went on to compose music for over 60 films in Pakistan and was regarded one of the most successful film composers in the 60’s & 70’s. Two of his sons also composed music for films. Nashad died in January 1981 at 58 years of age. SAMAAPlease click ‘Video’ button to watch this news.


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