Muhammad Talha Ali, a leading example of strength and courage

September 25, 2017
Samaa Web Desk
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This is Muhammad Talha Ali, one of the survivors of the APS attack in December 2014.He was shot multiple times on his face, chest and back. He also survived through grenade splinters.Due to Nasal obstruction, he has problems in breathing. He still has to undergo a nasal operation, mouth surgery and treatment of Keloids.

Unfortunately, his studies are getting affected due to his treatment and he is unable to give his 100 percent to his academics. His mother wants his treatment process to speed up so that he can get involved in studies whole-heartedly.

Talha is a leading example of strength and courage. He survived a national tragedy of epic proportions.Let's join our hands to ensure that he affords the best treatment possible
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Story first published: 25th September 2017


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