To Parents,Traffic Police and Sindh Government

January 12, 2017
Iqra Junejo


By: Iqra Junejo

I am writing this to manifest my grief stricken feelings about a serious road accident which took place on national highway near Gulshan -e -Hadeed area of Karachi, on 6th January 2017. This harrowing incident took the lives of two and four sustained injuries of different levels a/c available reports. A night after the incident i came to know that among latter two were my students,whom i taught them during my erstwhile job.Both of them are school going children and their average ages are between 14-15 years. When i was informed, I inquired about their health first,I was told that they are stable. But how did it happen?was the question which was making me disturb and i couldn’t resist myself to inquire. The answer was quite shocking, It all happened due to “Over Speeding” or “Car Racing”. One car was being driven by the minor S***(my student) as per told by another student who is their friend. Now, The question is who is responsible for this heart-wrenching and depressing accident? Parents,Traffic Police,  School teachings,State or kids?

Both my students are pursing their studies from one of the reputed school in the country and of-course they may be from affluent family background. Almost all Parents, whether they are from affluent  or lower middle class backgrounds, they  want to facilitate their kids as much as they can. They try their level best to full fill the desires of their kids. But does it make any sense to give permission to drive luxurious cars or any car to their kids below 18 years ? Certainly not. Are cars with “Power Steering” easy to handle? of-course not. Sometimes  even a well trained driver faces problem to have complete control on the car. Why do Parents allow their kids to drive? Because their children know how to emotionally blackmail them or they know that they are the weakness for their Parents. Papa or Mama will full-fill this unnecessary demand if we cry or don’t eat food for one time.

Do road accidents have adverse impacts on one family? Not at all. Is it necessary for parents to kneel down  on this unnecessary desire of car’s keys? of-course not, by doing so you are not only playing with the lives of your kids but every other person who comes in the way of the car driven by the minor. No one can be considered safe when a juvenile is driving.

All those parents who allow their kids to drive I would like to urge to them that please don’t. They are our future and this is their age to play different indoor , outdoor games and participate in extracurricular activities organized by their schools. This is their age to play “Car Racing”on video games not in the real life.

I frequently use the National Highway and i  have never seen any traffic police constable or officer in that area where that incident took place. This is a very important road as it not only connects rural districts of Sindh to Karachi it also provides routes for “Pakistan Steel Mill” and “Port Qasim”. Two important residential areas i.e. Steel Town and Gulshan-e-Hadeed and many small villages are also located alongside this road. Even though this road is being used as a trade route, it never comes under the attention of law makers when it comes on traffic control.

I would like to urge IG Sindh and DIG Traffic Police to deploy traffic police on “National Highway “with immediate effect to control the flow of traffic especially where junctions like Gulshan-e- Hadeed entry & exit points and to stop juveniles from driving on the busy roads.

I would like to urge Sindh Government to install signal lights since as the absence causes confusion and often results in major or fatal accidents.


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Story first published: 12th January 2017


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