Nawaz Sharif’s political journey – From the dark cave to the sinking ship

August 15, 2017
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By: Nazia Memon

No other country has experienced upheavals in its democratic process like we have? These were the words former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said in his speech in the so-called homecoming mass rally.

Alas, only if he should know what he was telling to the people of Pakistan, are the actual victims of their politics untruthfulness, corruption, ruthlessness, dishonesty and the list goes on..!

Politicians and political parties usually play a positive role in the growth as well as success of a country, but unfortunately in Pakistan it’s never been their concern or priority if it comes to improve health sector, education or elimination of poverty. They are failing, they are failing to serve the people of Pakistan, perhaps they are failed to serve the country. Most of the population of the country is living miserable life which is just due to the corruption of ruling elite.

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz is central, leading and conservative party of Pakistan. As the party has gained large number of seats in general elections in 2013 it became biggest party of Punjab. The party has gained power three times since the restoration of democracy in late eighties. The party has faced corruption charges ever since it came into power first time. There are a number of cases of corruption filed against the members of the party including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The latest allegation against him surfaced when Panama papers leak showed him and members of his family beneficiary of offshore companies and assets they had not declared.

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Pakistan’s Supreme Court disqualified Sharif from the position of Prime Minister in the Panama Papers investigation. The court found Sharif “unfit to hold office” and that he had been “dishonest to the parliament and the courts for not disclosing in the Dubai-based Capital FZE Company in his 2013 nomination papers.”

According to the senior analysts this time it wasn’t the military getting rid of him but the apex court, using a highly controversial constitutional clause, a legacy of General Zia’s military rule, to remove him from office for being a dishonest leader.A bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan unanimously ruled that Sharif was not “sadiq” (truthful) and “ameen” (trustworthy) and therefore not qualified to be a member of parliament.

The verdict by the five-member court on 28th July caps a year of political controversy over corruption allegations unleashed by the 2016 Panama Paper leak.It is the most serious political ramification yet of the Panama Papers leak, which detailed financial dealings of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.

Corruption is the misappropriation of public funds for personal grows and interests, it also means attaining inequitable compensation in government procurement and state engagements; so the corruption leads to economic confusion and under progress in any country where such practices are common.

Western nations like the United States and other European nations are doing a great job in this facet of decreasing corruption; this can be accredited to proper overriding structures and a constitution that requires tough penalties for anyone caught appealing in this vice.

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The third world countries are more horizontal to corruption because of poor condition structures and low literacy levels among greater part of the citizens, those in power therefore take this opportunity to enrich themselves and also with the friends and relatives.

During the recent road show from the capital Islamabad to Lahore the ex-PM was expected to develop his claim that a “conspiracy”, led by the army, was behind his disqualification following a trial linked to revelations in the Panama Papers and somehow he has developed that sense.

However it’s true that the country has oscillated between periods of military and government rule since independence and that too because of your own political gain and personal affiliation.Everyone knows that our politicians have created a vacuum by wagging war against opponent parties, against each other for personal grows, caused too much damage to the democracy, how it could have flourish?

The Muslim League has historically remained close to the military establishment, it is an open secret that Nawaz Sharif is a brain child of the establishment and he was politically baptized by Gen Zia’s military government in the early 1980s as part of the plan to prop up an alternative leader to challenge Benazir Bhutto.Nawaz Sharif availed the opportunity, and jumped in the dark cave, on the go he tried to come out of it, but it’s never been easy to get rid of it.

Now the ship which was carrying his baggage is sinking and he’s trying to make people believe that he still is the one who can lead the country to prosperity and peace. How many would believe him? Don’t guess, just wait until next elections.



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Story first published: 15th August 2017



  1. Faisal   August 15, 2017 3:40 pm/ Reply

    Corruption is the misappropriation of funds as you said. Well we couldnt find any evidence of that in this court decision. And secondly u said military was nit involved…. well as far as i know 2 members of JIT were military and military didnt excuse thereself of not taking part in the JIT. Please dont close your eyes. Everybody knows who is the helm of affairs……

  2. fayyaz ahmed   August 18, 2017 4:28 pm/ Reply

    mian nawaz sharif has been removed because of conspiracy judges of the supreme court before start of the case announced that it will be a historic decision which will be remembered for ever .moreover a judje of the supreme courts remarks of god father and sesnea mafia are enough proof of whats coming the supreme court could not find a better reason than Iqama the supreme courts decision has become a laughing stock througout the world .if this is going to happen then May God SAVE our country

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