Karachi, Prison and the Beasts around us

March 11, 2017
Naumann Ansaari


By: Naumann Ansaari

Take a look at the city; not just being a nonparticipant spectator; not being just fleeing commuter; not even being the indifferent one but give heed as a caring father who thinks a lot about security of his kids going to school every day or like a brother who thinks about the safety of his younger siblings or you can do this observation like you’re the guardian of the city; a mayor who thinks about his city’s betterment; a counselor who has a lot to advice city caretakers or managers; an engineer who knows the obstructive bottlenecks in infra-structure.

To be a proud citizen; you have to be a sincere one… period. Let me emphasize on it, for a greater whereabouts establishment for your living, you have to be, incredibly, caring and sensible; not just for your own kids, for your own family, or for your siblings only, but for a better, clean and safe city with perfect civic substructure.

Whenever I commute; I observe a chaos at every road, every street and roundabout; with resentment over the state of extreme confusion and disordered public places, and the general human behavior which is, usually, intolerable; I perceive some of the greatest mismanagements of governmental departments that can be the most destructive and can endanger the people living in the society; an unforgiving sin of the guardians of the city that drags innocent masses to hell.


One of the top of them is the location of the main central jail of the province that is in the heart of city. For me it is the most ridiculous urban infrastructure setting a city can have. It has been there since decades and no one still seems to care.


I mean, how on earth can any government think of such penitentiary in the center of the city?

In Pakistan where British Indian sentry rules and regulations are followed by the conventional police department; why isn’t that the police jail or prison must be set far away from the general population and civilized society? Wouldn’t Britain build fortified jailhouses at bleak islands in British colonial era? After all, we have been adopting the oldest police system in our country so why should we not take this particular British jailhouse location setting legacy and build our jailhouses away from the urban areas.

From Napoleon to Nelson Mandela; Britain and other colonialists would always keep prisoners, rebels and criminals on distant islands. I can name these prisons in supporting my claim. They were Patmos prison on Greece Island, Sado island prison in Japan, Robinson Crusoe Island prison in Chile, Devil’s Island prison in French Guiana, St. Helena prison where famous Napoleon was sent as prisoner and where he passed rest his of the life, Ruben Island prison in South Africa and there are many more.

Now the major question in view of our jailhouses’ location is that; who can really bell the cat?

It is not just our leadership but the crippled and unqualified ministers who reach the top level on political basis and the people in bureaucracy that do their jobs for the sake of jobs and they don’t care about the civil service by any means. No one seems to care and it feels like we live in a jungle where the rule of “survival of the fittest” is the only principal to follow. Almost no law, I observe everywhere and in people; the sense of law abiding has vanished like it was never there. A beast is known for tearing apart its prey and when someone or a group of humans with a complete will are up to destroy things; they become beasts too. Being beasts they have made this city like a jungle crammed with wild animals with their brutal and savage instincts where people like you and me face dire condition to survive.


You know, I conclude it as when the streets are a jungle there can be a life like lion king. You have to think and see and move with a wild animal instinct to protect yourself and your family to never be preyed by other animals.

It doesn’t matter how civilized you are; you will have to use brutal and forceful responses against the civilized animals that live like creatures around you; it does not matter if they are confined in a jailhouse or they are mobile in the city freely just like you.





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Story first published: 11th March 2017


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