Why Did She Commit Suicide?

January 4, 2017
Iqra Junejo


Written By: Iqra Junejo

One day ago i saw a photograph of girl hanging with ceiling fan in ” Girls Hostel” of”Sindh University “Jamshoro. Reportedly she was pursuing her higher education and was position holder.Police and University administration has formed committees to investigate into the death of young student. Inquest and further investigation will reveal that whether the girl was deliberately killed or she committed suicide and closed the chapter of her life. This shouldn’t have happened no matter what the case is. If she was killed, then her brutal killer should be brought to justice immediately. But if she committed suicide, then there is dire need to ascertain what compelling reasons led her to take extreme step of taking her life away. WHY DID SHE COMMIT SUICIDE?

It is not only her family loss but of society as well. This unfortunate incident of mysterious death of a young female student in varsity premises is of grave concern and fast tracked fair and free investigation is the prerequisite, must be done on priority basis. This shouldn’t be left as unfinished episode like many other cases. N* is an eye opener case, not only this university, but all educational institutions need to take measures to improve hostel’s security and regain trust of parents and society, no one would want to lose their daughter in such a way.No one would want to let her daughter/sister live at risky place. No girl would want to live at such place fearing her life and prestige.

Unfortunately, we still live in a society where some elements don’t allow women to pursue higher education or adopt any professional life. There was my fellow at a workshop who once told me how her brother opposed her studying further and despite her passion, how he never approved of her joining media field. Upon asking why, she responded by saying that it’s not good for girls. She reluctantly studied education instead. Her burning desire for media and becoming a journalist kept dying inside her each passing day.

However, many people go against such mores and allow their sisters and daughter to get education and join professions of their choice. Fears are that incidents like this might detrimental to gradually improving mind set of being flexible towards women in allowing them to pursue the profession of their choice and studying the same. Ill-fated incident like this may discourage parents to let their girls go explore the world, get education and do wonders in their professional lives.

Females might not be allowed to reside at varsity or any other hostel considering it risky place to live. This might affect female education ratio which is already very low. What makes it even more worrisome is the fact that victim’s dead body photograph was being circulated on social media. How terrifying it must have been for the family of the victim. First they lost their loving daughter/sister and now the humiliation of her dead body on social media. It was the lowest of the low we could have shown towards the dead body.

All in all this incident is forcing to open our eyes towards violation of victim’s privacy on social media and increasing rate of committing suicide by youngsters in the country. Victim’s privacy protection is essential in any case. It is our moral, ethical and social duty to remain careful while reporting such incidents whether it is social media or mainstream media. Both mediums of media have direct impact on human mindset,Reporting incident in such a way may halt educational career of many girls.There is a solution of every problem,youngsters must not loose hope and life so early.

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Story first published: 4th January 2017




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