August 25, 2015
Ayesha Rehman

And here comes the Dollar Girl - Ayyan Ali in the limelight again! But this time it is completely for another reason. This time reports do not reveal anything about her glamorous appearance in Court Hearings, melting hearts of the opposite gender; rather discuss volumes about her recent visit at the renowned University of Karachi.

The background story explains that the supermodel received an invite from the students belonging to Department of Public Administration as a Guest Speaker. The two students involved are none other  but budding entrepreneurs who have attempted at aiding the needy through a venture known as ‘Chip n Dip’ sounded appealing to the lady.

On the very first note, the pictures released of the event display her entry as a VIP, oomph clad in corporate attire with a statement pair of stilettos. What to say about her “style mantra” however she has always maintained it, no matter if it’s a court hearing or behind the bars. It seemed that the crime she committed has vanished off and the guilt certainly did not shake her confidence, not once do you see her falter with shame or disgrace.  Secondly, as mentioned by the students that their venture helps the poor then my question to them is why did they not consider inviting an ordinary man to be the Chief Guest of the event?

Their mere selection for a guest speaker has blown minds of many. After all what logic makes their choice defendable? She is guilty of a severe wrong doing, in other words she is a criminal on bail and her educational background is something which even Google does not have answers for!

Moreover, coming towards her links with the elite one can have no better example than the custom official who was assassinated only because he was probing her money laundering case. Adding fuel to the fire was the attitude of students from University of Karachi (KU) who went crazy for a selfie with the so-called star. I mean after all that we have seen and heard about Ayyan was she really worth the attention? I wonder…!

In a nutshell, happenings are evident from the materialistic bend of minds in our society in which commercialism has penetrated to the extent that we don’t feel shame in calling criminals as honorable guests and award them with an “Appreciation Shield” perhaps for bringing disgrace to the country in “style”.

Just in case you have missed let’s take a glance over the public outburst on social media regarding her appearance in KU.


In other news Ayyan Ali, 22, guest lectures students older than her at Karachi University. Cool.

— Rameeza Ahmad (@Rameezay) August 20, 2015





Story first published: 25th August 2015


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