All is Not Well

August 29, 2015
Samaa Web Desk

khosa with musharaf

Written By: Naeem Ashraf Butt

What Judiciary did in the cases of alleged rigging of General elections 2013 is just acceptable to all the stakeholders which saves the Government and also gives a face-saving option to PTI Chairman Imran Khan and the forces behind these cases.

Superior Judiciary in the shape of Judicial Commission gave relieve to the PML N Government by declaring 2013 General Elections fair and according to Law and this decision end or lesser the blame game though Imran Khan continued his criticism but now the receptive of the allegations transfer to Election Commission however now the Government is stronger than before. On the other hand, Election Tribunals in the case of NA 125 and NA 122 give relieve to the PTI by declaring disqualify to PML N’s Khwaja Saad Rafique and Sardar Ayaz Sadiq so ALL IS WELL for both the parties.

Now the question is that, ALL is Well is permanent or not?
Political analysts having mixed opinion about the permanency of this well but the information says, No there is still conspiracies or one can say efforts to derail the Government is very much ON and it will start against the Election Commission which turns to against the PML N Government and this time, it will try to prove that the Members of Election Commission were behind alleged rigging and for this , demand to get resignations of the members by PTI will further boost. Secondly, the coming Sit in or agitation will also be against NADRA and it will also try to prove that the role of NADRA in the inquiry of rigging was not fair and it was misused by the Government so GAME IS STILL ON and the month of October and November will bring another attack on the Government and this time it would come with some evidence like decisions of tribunals on NA 125 AND NA 122….and may be decisions of other two constituency come in favor of PTI then it will give full power to Imran Khan to create another strong case to stage another campaign against the PML N Led Government.

In this movement, Imran Khan will symbolize these four constituency as the whole general elections being rigged or at least not fair . A very senior member of Core Committee of PTI said, there is serious discussion in the party meetings , If this Government would succeed to complete its term then may also complete its big initiative like power projects then next elections will again be in the favor of PML N , So PTI will have to cut this term through any mean. However this time, PTI will miss the full support of unseen, undemocratic forces because of previous defeat and the change of Bosses but PTI Chief is like past, not ready to listen any democratic logic and still believe to topple the Government through agitation.

On the other hand, PML N Leaders did not much bother to Khan’s threat because of previous win but things are not well as they consider. One of the close friend who also have an important portfolio said, Imran Khan faced defeat because of not having sincerity in his movement. He added, Imran Khan knew the fact, there was no organize rigging in the elections but nevertheless he tried to derail the Government and he would still try it but now PML N will have completely focused on the completion of mega projects before 2018 because this is only way to enter into the next elections confidently.

The third and most important part of this conspiracy would be to get the favor of back benchers of PML N who are not happy with the Government and for this purpose not only PTI but also the third party led by Former President General ® Pervaiz Musharaf is also active through former CM Punjab Dost Muhammad Khosa. These angry PML N members of Assemblies are only waiting for the proper time to show their disloyalties to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Both, New party and PTI are doing same things but separately but indirectly having connection through some forces behind both of them.

As a result, no permanent relive to the Government and All is not Well….Conspiracies are ON and trying to come with more force however last time PM Nawaz Sharif has proved his mental toughness and strong nerves by keep silence on the demand of resignation and even at that time, PM never even ready to listen the option of resignation of CM Punjab in the party meeting though many quarters were predicting the resignation of CM Punjab so now the second test is ready for PM and their team and stage is ready for declaring winner and loser!

Story first published: 29th August 2015