@Imran Khan TPI or PTI?

March 31, 2015
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@Imran Khan TPI or PTI?

In our pre-apocalyptic times, Parody accounts are more popular than the real ones. Starting off with Nasir Jamshed (@NasirJamshed_), Mohammad Yousuf (@Moyotalks), Altaf Hussain (@AltafBehan), it has not even spared PTI Chairman Imran Khan who seems really worried with his parody account @ImranKhanTPI. Only a subtle swirl of letters turns it all at 360 degrees. Recently, Asad Umar’s fan club made a public appeal to report this account as abuse and it only ended up multiplying its followers.

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Won’t say much, have a look at this yourself and find out why this notorious account is an eye sore for Khan and PTI followers.

And despite the obvious humor and hilarity of the tweets, some genuinely get confused while some just revel in the fun of it.

It looks like people have just had it with the never-changing politics & party chants, all they desire is some good humor instead of blood-warming speeches that spew hate – and these parody accounts are just an answer to that need.

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Story first published: 31st March 2015