Zulfiqar Kunbhar

You won’t regret it: Try this Sanghar chef’s fish halwa recipe

Chef Jabbar Mallah is known for experimenting with new dishes

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Khairpur’s Hindus in shock after holy books set on fire at Kumb temple

The arsonists targeted sacred books and idols at the temple

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Farmer last one to keep Sindh’s Alghoza flute alive

Pioneers of the Alghoza in the subcontinent include Ustad Khamisu Khan, Ustad Misri Khan Jamali, Akbar Khamisu Khan and Gurmeet Bawa

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Pakistani internet sours over ‘one-sided’ national sweet poll, demands fresh vote

Government had declared the Gulab Jamun the national sweet on the basis of a Twitter poll

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Even Bilawal House ordered this Sanghar chef’s fish sajji

Jabbar Mallah has been making Fish Sajji for 20 years

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The revenge of the Dilip Kumar of Sanghar

Cobbler becomes superstar on journey to self-fulfillment

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Pakistani harmoniums addicted to 100-year-old German reeds

100-year-old reeds a hot favourite on the desi music scene

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Sanghar’s last four tangas fight chingchi invasion

The culture of the old horse-drawn carriage is slowly disappearing

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