Zia Ur Rahman

Zia Ur Rehman is a Broadcast journalist and the professional fellow of East West Center Hawaii, USA. He tweets as @zeeea

Where will we go…..???

Five days, eight suicide blasts and more than one twenty people perished and more than four hundred people injured due to current wave of terrorism in Pakistan. When I write these lines I feel the agony of effected families. Pakistan has lost its brave and intelligent officer a couple of days ago. The whole atmosphere…

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New Year without Resolutions

  Written by: Zia Ur Rahman I heard someone saying, ‘let’s make some new resolutions for the next year’. ‘New Year’ with new resolutions I murmured. What does it mean by having a new year in your pocket? (I raised a question in my mind) Around the world, 1st January is usually welcomed by a…

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The Gloomy December

By: Zia Ur Rehman December is gradually becoming a month of curse for Pakistan. I have no intentions of starting a debate on whether it is ethically right to call any month a ‘cursed month’’ or not. Rather I just want to share my feelings at the moment. December 7th, 2016 proved to be another…

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APS Massacre: 9/11 of Pakistan

  If you ask an American about the biggest tragedy in the U.S history; he will tell you that 9/11 was the worst moment in the history of America when hundreds of innocent people became a victim of furious terrorist attacks. Let us talk about Pakistan now. Do you know Pakistan has its 9/11 too? Last year’s terrorist attack on Peshawar Army Public…

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Difference between Theory and Practice

      To be anti-American or to have negative feelings about America is something the people of Pakistan are most familiar with. To show hatred for America has gradually become the hobby of our people. I can easily prove the accuracy of my statement. Let’s go to any public park and have a chat…

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A Gentle Way To Kill Generations

    Have you ever thought of taking washing soda, urea or penicillin as your food supplement? I am sure that you must be under the impression that this man has gone nuts or perhaps trying to tickle the funny bone. Indeed, my question is not sensible but do you know that more than one million residents of Lahore…

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