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Shahid Wafa

Shahid Wafa is Lahore based broadcast-journalist who works in Pakistan Television Corporation as News Producer and Reporter. He covers issues of political, social and judicial importance regularly.

Pak-China Friendship is not a Hoax

By Shahid Wafa We always have such people around us who have a great tendency for surprises. With their flippancy and sweeping statements they usually try to shake long-standing beliefs of society only to either look intellectual or to get attention. These days, pseudo intellectuals are trying hard to make us believe that the notion…

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October 16, 2017


Beauty for A Better Life: Mehreen Opens Up About Her Struggle

  Globally acknowledged makeup giant L’Oreal launched a philanthropic program “Beauty for a better life” which aims to bring a positive change in people’s lives by providing them employment chances and professional training, boosting their self-esteem in various ways. There, Mehreen Syed-Chairperson ICARE disclosed about her journey from rags to riches and here is the…

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September 7, 2016


Thank You Google – What Nonsense

Selfless Humanitarian, Adbul Sattar Eidhi’s life and death both held a mirror up to our face. His life showed how incompetent our state has been in fulfilling its responsibilities and his demise revealed how easily we get carried away by emotions. Here I would like to discuss the latter. Eidhi Sahib devoted his whole life…

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July 14, 2016


Impatient in the Month of Patience – Ramazan

  The road was jam packed with traffic. Cars, vans, bikes, rickshaws and even a donkey cart; all were  ramming  into each other hardly holding on to their breath. It seemed they felt justified because it was Ramazan and they were all fasting … They all wanted to get home before Iftar. They all were…

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June 28, 2016


Shady Business of Substandard Shades

By: Shahid Wafa It was another summer day in Lahore; humid, hot and sunny. I had to visit various places for work related assignments; it was going to be a very hectic day for me. As usual I had my wallet, mobile, its charger and pen with me as well as my shades. First, I…

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June 21, 2016


Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.” This saying does not perfectly linkup with any other matter than it does with the issue of work place harassment. Female workers easily become aware of the “known devils” at their offices but some such characters act differently. They play the role of father…

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May 23, 2016


Excessive Use of Antibiotics — Causes and Consequences

  With every passing day, fever, flu and sore throat was spreading in the city. It was the impact of the climate and to some degree viral as well. Aftab likewise encountered the same indications. Instead of visiting doctor, he went to nearby pharmacy and purchased a set of medicine which he considered very effective…

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April 30, 2016


You had one job but failed !

    Written By: Shahid Wafa  That evening of 19th march when India outclassed Pakistan in the most awaited match of T20  Cricket World Cup 2016. The match was uncertain but what disappointed the Pakistani nation was the national anthem sang by the  the very popular singer Shafqat Amanat Ali, it was fairly distressing to watch…

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March 26, 2016


Peshawar Mourns Alone

  Written By: Shahid Wafa On March 16, we, as a society, hit a new low. When residents of one city of the country were digging graves for their loved ones, dwellers of others’, totally oblivious of their grief, were indulged in jubilation. At one side, there was the unfortunate incident of bomb blast in…

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March 21, 2016


Delusional thinking… dilemma of Pakistani society

Written By: Shahid Wafa  After Isha prayer, it was dark and quiet in the Masjid. Most of the Namazis had left and rest were either talking to each other in hushed voices or doing Zikr. I too was there and trying to absorb the sacred serenity, then suddenly a firm voice echoed from nearby. “If…

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March 17, 2016


Playing The Poverty Card

    Written By: Shahid Wafa    One pleasant morning in last spring, when Arshad, a middle-aged lecturer set off for his college, he was very excited. He was joyous because, he had not to go through the exasperating experience of travelling on public transport anymore. Now he was the owner of a brand new…

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March 11, 2016


Pakistani cricketers and Their How-TOLET Bios

Written By: Shahid Wafa   The talent of our national cricketers is not hidden from anyone. The whole nation watches them hitting many sixes and taking wickets with fierce deliveries…in TV commercials, everyday. Our players’ performance in the field of cricket often calls for criticism but their show of skills in the field of advertisement…

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February 29, 2016


Veteran Bollywood Actress and LLF

  Written By: Shahid Wafa “They should have shown the video of her song ‘Roop Tera Mastana’ to pay her a   tribute,”  responded one of my friends in a pinching tone, when I reported about screening of a short documentary film on the cinematic journey of veteran Indian actress Sharmila Tagore at the inaugural session…

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February 26, 2016


Religion in Pakistani Society- A Tale Of Contradictions

    Written By: Shahid Wafa Tension was growing in the Masjid. Everyone was staring  at the wall clock, over and over again. The reason of their concern was that only 60 seconds were left for prayer congregation and Imam Sahib had still not arrived. With every passing moment people’s anxiety was increasing but finally,…

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February 22, 2016