Snow blankets the northern regions of Pakistan

It also rained in several areas in the upper half of the country

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Swat police take 76 stolen cars, 17 motorcycles into custody during registration campaign

People were trying to pass off stolen cars as non-customs paid ones

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Three children killed, two injured after mortar shell explodes in Swat

The three children killed were all under nine years of age

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Swat woman’s essay on freedom bags her third place in an international essay competition

22-year-old Sanam Bukhari’s essay ‘I Want to Live My Life’ was chosen from among 20,000 entries

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Husband kills wife outside courtroom in Swat for filing for separation

He stabbed her while she was waiting for the case hearing

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‘Billion tree tsunami’ creates a problem in Swat

The “10 Billion Tree Tsunami” campaign has created a peculiar problem in Swat. The project inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan is aimed at impeding global warming and tackling air pollution. But in Swat, where the forest department planted thousands of Elaichi (cardamom) plants, other plants withering because cardamom draws more water from the ground….

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Four bags of ballot papers have gone missing during a recount in Swat’s PK-4

During a recount in Swat’s PK-4, four bags of ballot papers went missing. The recount has been halted and people are unsure of what to do. PTI’s Azizullah Khan beat the PML-N’s Amir Muqam by 182 votes during the general elections. Muqam then asked for a recount in the constituency. During the recount, when ballot…

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Five killed, two missing as tourist van plunges into Swat River

Five people were killed as a pickup van carrying at least ten tourists plunged into Swat River near Bahrain. Five bodies were taken out and three injured were rescued. All the tourists were coming from Buner. Two people are still missing. Rescue 1122 workers and local volunteers have launched an operation to find the missing…

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Swat museum, a peep into history

Ancient utensils, figurines, stones, Alexander era coins and so many other things related to Ghandhara and Buddhists period attract tourists to Swat museum. The museum was opened in 1963. It was closed in 2007 owing to rise of militancy in the district but reopened in 2014. Watch this report…

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