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Saman Siddiqui

Former Media Person and Host, with work experience with leading news channels. Freelance Writer/Content editor/Journalist Blogger, Documentary maker, Foodie

Will go anywhere for Imran, says disabled PTI worker

I am ready to go anywhere to support PTI Chairman Imran Khan, who is a lion fighting against the Sharifs, says a disabled supporter of the cricketer-turned-politician.  The wheelchair-bound PTI worker said that he had come all the way from Gujranwala to show his support for Imran Khan.

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April 29, 2018


From Desert to City: Krishna Achieved the Dream

By Saman Siddiqui As the phone rings on the other side, I could hear the ring tone set to the famous national song, O beautiful land! May Allah keep you happy forever,” (”Sohni Dharti, Allah rakhay”), “May we see you free as long as the world lasts!”. ”It is through you that honor and glory…

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February 21, 2018


Stronger legislation is required for issues related to child abuse

By Saman Siddiqui Child abuse or crimes against a child is the most pressing social issue of Pakistan. In April 2017, Pakistan Penal Code was amended through Criminal law Second Amendment Act 2016 to address the serious issues of child abuse. Through this amendment in Pakistan Penal Code punishments were enhanced for the crimes against…

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February 6, 2018


Paratha takes over a new leaf

By Saman Siddiqui According to a legend once Emperor Jahangir called upon his cook Adil hafiz Usman, and asked him to come up with a new kind of paratha, since he got bored of eating the same simple paratha with mince (qeema) every day. One the ninth day the cook came up with a new…

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January 27, 2018



By Saman Siddiqui While composing my thoughts to write this blog, I received a message via friend on Whatsapp, an invitation by civil society to light candles at 8pm sharp on Thursday in memory of Zainab, at tomb of Quaid-e-Azam.  People were sent that message to participate, protest and to give proof that they were…

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January 11, 2018


Water: Commodity or Basic Human Right

By Saman Siddiqui  Imagine no water to drink, or even to cook food with, no water to shower, to flush the toilet, or do laundry. Imagining such condition is scary, but in a metropolitan city like Karachi hundreds of households face these conditions on a daily basis. It must be sought to ensure that the…

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January 6, 2018


Is Secular Pakistan Possible?

By Saman Siddiqui It has been a long time debate whether Pakistan should be a secular state or not, particularly during and after Zia regime. It has been a most concerning issue for Human rights activists and for the people belonging to the liberal thought. The recent protest sit in at the capital and how…

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December 26, 2017


Food Waste: A New War to Fight Against

By Saman Siddiqui It’s a part of routine for many of us, our plates are stuffed with food and when unable to finish, the leftovers are easily scraped off into the bin. On many occasions, after large meals the leftover food is thrown away. It’s a common practice for many of the households without conceptualizing…

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December 13, 2017


Learning Mandarin Chinese: A new Trend

By Saman Siddiqui An increasing number of people in Pakistan are taking lessons in Mandarin Chinese.The main reason is to land jobs in China Pakistan economic Corridor Project “CPEC”. Many institutes in Pakistan are offering classes to teach Mandarin.The arrival of Chinese nationals for CPEC has definitely created a need for Mandarin speakers. The China…

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November 22, 2017


The Tragedy of the Commons: Karachi

By Saman Siddiqui “The Tragedy of the Commons,” is one of the most powerful illustrations of the environmental problem. In 1968 Garrett Hardin wrote an article which claimed to show that many environmental problems are caused by a system of open access to commonly owned resources. This is known as an economic theory of a…

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November 14, 2017


What is women empowerment for you?

By Saman Siddiqui A woman wearing white color knee high, backless dress, spotted smoking somewhere in New York. Paparazzi took the shot and in the next few hours, the photos gone viral in Pakistan. The women identified as famous actress people went haywire, because she was smoking with an Indian co-actor. As she is in…

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October 6, 2017


Advice Columns, Closed Minds and Our Society

By: Saman Siddiqui Now a day’s advice column field seems like to be more populated and unreliable to me. Mean while few traditional columns have managed to survive the modern modes of communication. Other mediums have proliferated across various social networking sites as well. Even some celebrities are doing out advice of their own. In…

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September 29, 2017


Fourth generation warfare: The changing face of war and terrorism

By: Saman Siddique It came as a shock rather than just news few days ago that attackers on a politician in Karachi were identified as highly educated people.  Holding degree in subjects like applied physics, engineering and technology one wonders how such wonderfully brilliant minds fall into the traps of terrorists. Pakistan has received direct…

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September 13, 2017


When someone you know has Cancer

By: Saman Siddiqui Begum Kalsoom Nawaz diagnosed with cancer, was sad news indeed.  It’s most important that such diseases are diagnosed at its earliest and treatment starts on time. I wish her all the best for restoring perfect health soon. She belongs to such a privileged class who can get advanced medical treatment abroad. I…

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August 28, 2017


The Great Divide and the Brutal Migration

By: Saman Siddiqui As the 14th day of August nears this year, the preparations for 70th Independence Day are in full swing. We can never forget the event of partition of the subcontinent. It has been regarded as the central historical event in 20th century South Asia. About 15 million people were displaced, according to…

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August 12, 2017


Monsoon Menu: From Music to Food and After Rain Chaos

By: Saman Siddiqui The first spell of monsoon has brought much needed relief from the unbearable heat of summer. , the season resides from mid of June till early September in Pakistan. It’s been long time that Karachi has received early rains from pre monsoon.  This term Monsoon in English was first time used for…

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August 1, 2017