Maemuna Sadaf

Maemuna Sadaf was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan , grew up in Rawalpindi and achieved a degree of MBA (Finance) in 2008. Started Writing for Native language (Urdu) newspapers in 2013. As well as, Started writing for English Newspapers in 2016. her three Books has been Published in 2017. An English e-book named " Me and My mother" whereas collection of columns E-book Urdu & Short Stories book named " Palak Basaira" was published on 23rd may 2017. More than 150 Urdu and 17 English columns of her are published in different National newspapers.

India: Barking up the wrong tree

By Maemuna Sadaf On humanitarian grounds, Pakistan arranged a meeting of Kalbushan Yadav with his family. After this meeting, India started criticizing this act of Benedict. Indian politicians are not playing with a full deck. India criticized this meeting, as media was not allowed in it. It was also claimed that Kalbushan was beaten badly….

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Devastation of Corruption

By Maemuna Sadaf Corruption is major dilemma of every large institution of Pakistan.  This witch has turned Pakistan’s profitable organizations to ruined ones. Turning pages of history, one can find Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) as world’s 5th best international airline. First ever national flag carrier planes brought a bright new cooperate identity. Now PIA has…

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Lahore: The world’s second most populated city

By Maemuna Sadaf Lahore, capital territory of Punjab province was covered by smog for a long period recently. According to world report, Lahore is declared as second most hazardous for health. Smog in Lahore crossed all the international bench marks of being most dangerous pollutant across the globe. It remained between 450 ug/m3 (micrograms per…

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