Javed Iqbal Mirza

Javed Iqbal Mirza has worked for Business Recorder and The News (Jang Group). His field of interests are IT, Local government and social topics.

Shortage of Supply or Consumer Exploitation?

Wherein most of the commodities prices have declined to record lows in the international market. In Pakistan there has been an opposite surge where prices of basic commodities have inflated. Different market associations, trader alliance have increased the rates of pulses, rice, sugar and milk from 10 to 15 percent. Which itself is indicative of…

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What analysts expect from the mini-budget?

    There has been a spate of announcements this week of new taxation measures. Combined together, these measures constitute a big ‘mini Budget’ at the middle of the on-going fiscal year. Although the government has imposed additional custom duty and regulatory duty on a long list of imported goods that would be applicable on…

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Intellectual property on priority list

      Recently, Pakistan Customs intercepted an imported container and it was found to be stuffed with empty bottles/tubes of cosmetics bearing names, specifications and addresses of manufacturing units of known Indian brands. Investigations revealed that empty containers of cosmetics in particular as well as edibles such as honey are imported and these are…

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