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Hammad Shakil

Writer is a Travel Journalist, photographer and travel guide. He loves nature and always manage time to explore new places and write articles on it. Follow him on Instagram @hammad4828.

Road Taken to Haunted Cave City Balochistan

  Travelling is something which runs in my blood. It has penetrated within me so much so that I only get satiated when explore one of the rustic spots in Balochistan. Being an ardent admirer of dry and arid lands- Balochistan remains at the top in my travel list. Away from city life hustle bustle,…

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September 22, 2016


Rani Kot: Trip To World’s Largest Fort

The wise say: We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us A large number of adventure lovers attempt to spend their weekend in remote zones to get peace. Living in Karachi, we are blessed with variety of spots which are only a couple of hours drive away. To make my…

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May 7, 2016


Kot Diji-Fort Of Ancient Talpur Regime

  Written By: Hammad Shakil   Possessing a specific interest in exploring historical places, my must-go list signaled to pick of years old Kot Diji Fort built by age-old Talpur family in 1795. I drove  from the road of Ranipur towards KOT Diji, the minute I crossed roadway and moved towards my destination, sights changed abruptly….

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March 24, 2016


Dargah Sachal Sarmast, The Symbol of Tolerance & Humanity

    Written By: Hammad Shakil Some people dreamed for time machines to go into the past, while others go to authentic spots to investigate and feel the recollections. Living in Sindh, I have an advantage that this region has large number of historical and religious places that I can visit. In the previous month I…

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March 5, 2016


An Expedition to Gorakh Hill Station

    Written By: Hammad Shakil   A wise man once mentioned that: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” And nobody but a traveller like me can better connect with the saying. Being passionate about exploring dry and rough mountains which many do not  keep in consideration whereas I planned a trip…

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December 28, 2015