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Filza Jawad Hai

I want to gain experience by working closely with the leading Media Organizations. Exploring new trends, making new experiences, sharing travel and food adventures is my passion.

Chokers are back with a bang!

By: Filza Jawad Hai After doing some tunneling it was found that many chokers worn by the models and celebs today are exactly like the ones the 90’s models and celebs used to wear. Fashion always takes a U-turn and returns time after time with a subtle difference. If you’re the kind of a person…

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January 9, 2017



By: Filza Jawad Hai Karachi Eat Food Festival 2017, brought to you by cko Event Architecture, is happening on the 13th-15th of January at Frere Hall. It is that time of the year when Karachi literally wakes up to grab quick bites at their favorite restaurant stalls. Karachi is specifically known for its awe-inspiring and…

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January 4, 2017


Make-up Trends 2017!

  By: Filza Jawad Hai The hype of prominent face contouring to make the features stand out has finally come to its end. Some really fascinating new trends have come up with different techniques and products to enhance the features. So ladies! Get your hands on the latest makeup tools to follow the 2017 make-up trends….

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December 24, 2016


Burger O Clock- Hands down!

By: Filza Jawad Hai If you need to gratify your mid night cravings or grab some munchies on your way, then there is nothing better than burger o clock. Driving home from the streets of Ittehad, adjacent to PSO petrol pump, you’ll come across Burger O Clock, a small and snug burger outlet with a…

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December 15, 2016


Chatterbox Café – Dine-in café

By: Filza Jawad Hai Located on the streets of Khayaban-e-Bukhari is an extension of Pie in the Sky bakery called Chatterbox Café. The vintage collection of antiques and rustic ambiance of the café gives you warm vibes that excites you to sit back and enjoy your dinner in a calm and snug environment. Chatterbox has…

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December 9, 2016


A trip down to Chop Chop Wok

By: Filza Jawad Hai Karachiite’s taste buds have really evolved, which has given a chance for new cuisines to open up and flourish the food business in Karachi. Many restaurants with exclusive cuisines have been exceptional, Chop Chop Wok has been one of those. Within two years they have managed to open another branch at…

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December 2, 2016


“Okra” does the best steaks in K-town

By: Filza Jawad Hai  There is nothing more in life than a succulent fillet of steak to gratify your appetite, especially when it’s from a highly recommended eatery. Rather than spending 2-3k at a buffet or a new restaurant with substandard food, one should always do a bit of research and look for a place…

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November 26, 2016


This year’s most intriguing travel destination

By: Filza Jawad Hai This year’s winner for leisure and travel destination is Croatia, an Eastern European country with a long coastline on Adriatic side. The success of HBO’s famous series Game of thrones, boosted tourism in Croatia. The series fans got fascinated by the breathtaking locations, incredible landscapes and well-preserved architecture. Built up on…

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November 21, 2016


Trends coming up this winter

By: Filza Jawad Hai Trends don’t change they usually take a new form each year. Summer 2016 had been quite formal in fashion and dressing like Capes, Kaftans, Wraps by various designers. Winters 2016 will be bringing back the casual-messy-look. The upcoming winter collection of the designers will be a Wrap up for summers, they…

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November 16, 2016