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Syeda Eliya Raza Shamsi

Eliya is a Media Student, aspiring to be a TVC director whereas she has special interest in Advertising Strategy. She loves cats.

Of “Protests”, Blockades and the Cost of Life

Pakistani politicians who claim to “love” the country a little too much seem to be of the opinion that their “love” needs to be expressed through various inconvenient forms. They think that connecting with the people via rallies to either protest or commemorate an incident is the perfect way to do so. Hence, these politicians…

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October 24, 2016


A Moment of Reflection

In light of the recent ban on Bollywood films in Pakistani cinemas, the cinema authorities have decided to screen the highest grossing Lollywood films in cinema houses all across the country again. This could be a blessing in disguise for the films this side of the border which were overshadowed in the past by Indian…

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October 4, 2016


The Definition Of “Honor”

  For the last couple of months, various incidents took place across the country which led me to believe that we as a society are functioning quite erratically. Certain women in Karachi, Lahore, and Sahiwal were killed through various methods. Qandeel Baloch, a woman made famous enough to draw millions of people to her Facebook…

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July 20, 2016


Karachi – The City of Diminishing Lights

  The City of Lights- that is what Karachi is known as, in not just Pakistan but also the rest of the world. It is the biggest metropolis of Pakistan serving as a center of trade and commerce for the country. Many come to this city from all over the country to fulfill their dreams…

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June 27, 2016


Ramzan -A time for tolerance and patience

  Muslims all over the world are currently observing the month of Ramzan. This month is supposed to bring us Muslims closer as a nation so that we learn lessons of compassion and humility. Hardly a week has passed of this blessed month and so far numerous upsetting developments have unraveled in our country. Cases…

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June 15, 2016


One Person’s “Jora” is Another Family’s Livelihood

  Ramadan is upon us which means a month of fasting, praying and of course shopping begins. Muslims all over the world look forward to their reward for piety at the end of this holy month i.e. Eid-ul-Fitr and prepare for it with fervor. However, maybe it’s time we reflect on these preparations and analyze…

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June 11, 2016


Let the Looting Games Begin!

  So, Ramzan is around the corner, in fact only a couple of days away. This means that Karachiites are coming out of their houses in flocks to prepare for a month of fasting and feasting. All the major super markets of the city are crowded with hordes of people trying to make sure they…

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June 6, 2016


Focusing on the Wrong Things – One Step at a Time

Anyone who has been enrolled in any educational system in Pakistan is aware of how sad the state of affairs in this sector is. There are major reforms required in major areas of the educational systems in the country. These reforms include changes to curriculums, academic policies, grading criteria etc. However, imagine my surprise when…

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May 30, 2016


Indian Style Cartoons – Prevailing Cultural Confusion or Diversity?

  The beloved “mohalley ka cable wala” (cable service provider) is now performing a very important job across various cities in Pakistan. He is sought eagerly by children of ages mostly ranging from ages of 4 – 12 years old. Why? He is responsible for bringing to our screens cartoons such as “Chota Bheem” and…

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May 16, 2016


Greasin’ Up Karachi’s Musical Theatre Scene!

Karachi as a city has been a patron of arts for a very long time. It harbors many artists, dancers, actors and singers in its warm embrace and nurtures them into talented individuals all looking to make the city proud. Karachi based theatrical director and choreographer Nida Butt has provided delightful theatre shows such as…

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April 23, 2016


iPhone SE – They’re Bringing Tiny Back!

By Eliya Raza 22nd March 2016 was a day dedicated to some special kind of consumers as far as smartphones are concerned. There are people who absolutely despise and fail to understand the need for large phones. Earlier this week Apple finally heard their pleas of desperation and released the iPhone SE.  The latest edition…

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March 29, 2016


Pakistan – The Bittersweet Road to Oscars!

  29th February 2016 brought not only an additional day to the year for Pakistanis, it also brought them immense pride in the form of a second Oscar won by a fellow national. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has celebrated her second win with another Oscar for her documentary A Girl in the River: The Price of…

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March 1, 2016


New Wave of Street Crimes

  As he stepped out of the chaotic license office with his learner’s permit in hands, he was washed over by a sense of jubilation. Standing in the long queue for the last two hours was worth the sense of calm he now felt. He could drive openly and without hesitation now. He mentally thanked…

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February 24, 2016


Reclaiming Karachi – One Step at a Time

Karachi is labelled by many who do not live in the city as a “war zone” or a “conflict area”. Indeed the city due to a number of reasons is home to violence and unrest almost on a daily basis. However, it has a spirit that refuses to go down without a fight. The people…

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February 16, 2016


Pakistanis: No More The Supreme Beings

  A couple of weeks ago, a local news channel reported the killing of a couple of Indus dolphins which had strayed on one of the shores in Sindh. The channel further reported that the dolphins were beaten to death after being caught in the fishing net of a fisherman. Instead of freeing the struggling…

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January 19, 2016


A Tale of Two Countries

    “Yaar, phir se reject hogaya visa” one of my close friends said to me upon discovering that her visa for India was rejected again. Her mother solemnly interjected and said “Beta hum pata nahin kab apna ghar dobara dekh sakein gey ab” When I heard the news of the Indian Prime Minister’s surprise…

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January 11, 2016


Eliminating Crime or Distressing Thousands?

Keeping mind the New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Karachi, the law enforcement agencies strike again this year. As followed in the years preceding this, various roads which lead to Clifton via DHA are scheduled to be blocked this year as well. Following tradition, this year large cargo containers will again adorn the roads leading to…

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December 31, 2015


Imposing laws or spreading lawlessness?

    The evening of 30th October 2015 in Karachi, saw a flurry and panic by many locals as the law enforcing authorities announced that any individual without a driving license will be held liable and thrown into jail. It is registered to every Karachiite (ashamedly) for long that driving without a license is not…

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November 11, 2015


A Divorced Earthquake

  “Apni Shaadi toh chala nahin saka, mulk kaise chalaye ga?” “Quaid-e-Azam ki bhi divorce hui thi, jub insan mulk ki khidmat karne nikalta hai toh yeh sub hota he hai” “It’s disgusting how people love to talk about the personal lives of great leaders. Divorce is a traumatic experience. Leave them alone!” These were…

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November 5, 2015