Abdul Rahman

Peshawar traders can’t sell precious stones online anymore

2,500 small traders have been affected by the ban

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NHA auctions off 12 vehicles in Peshawar

49 vehicles, including 19 bullet-proof cars, were put up for auction at PM House on Wednesday

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Arif Alvi elected Pakistan’s 13th president

The PTI has nominated Dr Arif Alvi while the opposition has put forward two candidates – Maulana Fazlur Rehman of the MMA and Aitizaz Ahsan of the PPP

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Imran Khan records statement in helicopter use case

NAB says Imran Khan has stated in his official documents that he used the helicopters for 74 hours while in reality he used them for 166 hours

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Ziaullah Afridi’s nomination papers rejected

The nomination papers of former KP minister Ziaullah Afridi has been rejected by the Returning Officer. Mr. Afridi had submitted his nomination papers from PK-76 on the PPP’s ticket. Ziaullah Afridi is facing a corruption reference in provincial Accountability Commission, Hayat Khan, a candidate from Iftekhar Chaudhry’s JDP told the RO. Mr. Khan said Afridi…

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CPEC fruits: Chinese to be taught at Peshawar schools

  Chinese will be taught at schools in Peshawar The district government of Peshawar has decided that the new term will introduce the Chinese language. “Without the knowledge of Chinese, it will be difficult to progress in the future,” said the nazim, Arbab Asim. He said learning the language will open new avenues for students….

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