Did Khaadi just forget to include Kashmir in Pakistan’s map?

October 13, 2017

NEWS DESK: After getting exposed for its flawed labor policies, clothing brand Khaadi made yet another blunder. They printed a map of Pakistan on coasters without including Kashmir, depicting the disputed territory as part of India. Can you believe that?

While Khaadi is basically known for its clothes, it also offers other lifestyle items such as bed covers, coasters, tables mats and more. The flawed map of Pakistan was printed on coasters.

Naturally, Pakistanis were angry that the brand “was given life by Pakistanis” and yet Khaadi “insults Pakistani map by not showing Kashmir.”

For clarification, this is how a Pakistani is supposed to look like:

After the outrage that was caused by their terrible blunder, Khaadi issued an apology:

Let’s hope that this poorly designed item will not be shipped or sold to locations of the brand present across the world!

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Story first published: 13th October 2017




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