Iran supports peoples’ right to self-determination: Rouhani

September 22, 2016
By: Samaa Web Desk
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TEHRAN: President Hassan Rouhani says Iran is adamant to respect territorial integrity in the region, peoples’ right to self-determination and avoid use of force, preferring diplomacy.

The Iranian president made the remark during his speech at the 71st UN General Assembly session in New York on Thursday.

He said the 9/11 disaster led to a devastating war in the Middle East and the spread of insecurity across the globe and sew the seeds of borderless terrorism.

“Security in one region at the cost of insecurity in others will not only be impossible but it will only lead to more insecurity everywhere,” he said.

Rouhani said terrorists hide their nefarious intents behind religious literature, instrumentalizing a compassionate religion by spreading extremism.

The Saudi government must stop adopting “divisive” polices with respect to the developments in the Middle East region, he said.

“We believe that countries in our region can rely on their common history and culture for a shared future and to isolate terrorist groups.”

Iran to achieve economic growth

He said Iran would achieve 5% economic growth by the end of 2016 which would be the highest rate among the oil-producing countries.

“We aim to strengthen economic stability thus encouraging investment through fiscal & financial discipline & preserving a low-inflation rate.”

#JCPOA is a recognized multilateral agreement and U.S.’s failure in implementing it, would be wrong & objected to by the int. community. – SAMAA

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Story first published: 22nd September 2016


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