Watching TV just 15 minutes a day can kill creativity in kids

September 22, 2016
By: Samaa Web Desk
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ISLAMABAD: Children who spend just 15 minutes or more a day watching their favourite cartoons on television may be at an increased risk of losing their creative minds as compared to those who read books or solve jigsaw puzzles, a study said.

“There was clear evidence that children came up with less original ideas immediately after watching television,” said Sarah Rose, Lecturer at Staffordshire University in Britain,” although adding “these effects disappeared after a short time,” Medical Xpress reported.

However, “if children are less creative in their play, this could, over time, negatively impact their development,” Rose said.

There is a belief that slow-paced programmes are more educational but our findings do not support this, Sarah said.

The study is potentially useful to those who produce children’s television shows, early year educators, as well as parents.

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Story first published: 22nd September 2016




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